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Accounting services in support of enterprises. Audit

For the quality of service that our company provides, we vouch for our own image and reputation. Accounting services for enterprises and individual entrepreneurs is the optimal solution and optimal prices allowing owners to save about half of the cost of maintaining full-time employees.

The range of services provided by our company's specialists includes the most common tasks associated with maintaining and maintaining accounting , timely delivery of tax reports, conducting audits and installing modern IT systems.

The main principles of work in our company are legality, transparency and responsibility. Freeing the company’s owner from monotonous paperwork, we pledge ourselves to streamline accounting mechanisms, find errors in document management and financial operations, and optimize the organization’s IT system by implementing modern methods of innovation. The quality of accounting outsourcing services, the timing of their implementation and guarantees delight every customer.



Basiy Tatyana Nikolaevna


Lead Auditor, IFRS, Tax Advisory

Bovsun Alesia Alexandrovna


Accounting, IFRS

Chetvertenko Valentina Viktorovna


Managing Partner, Auditor, Evaluation, Forensic Expertise

Zozulya Bogdana Vladimirovna


Accounting, IFRS




1000 uahfor Individuals SPD (FOP) and small business

  • ✔ Tax reporting
  • ✔ Settlement of issues with the Tax and Funds
    (for reporting, amounts paid,
    supporting documents and so on.)
  • ✔ Registration of keys EDS
  • ✔ Conducting accounting in 1C for the purpose of subsequent reporting



2000 uahFor legal entities of small and medium business

  • ✔ Accounting
  • ✔ Extract primary documentation
  • ✔ Payroll preparation
  • ✔ Personnel accounting
  • ✔ Reporting
  • ✔ Expert analysis of contracts and other documents of your company to identify tax risks


Business +

3000 uahFor legal entities of medium and large business

  • ✔ Accounting and tax accounting
  • ✔ Payroll preparation
  • ✔ Personnel accounting
  • ✔ Settlement and cash operations
  • ✔ Reporting
  • ✔ Warehouse stock analysis
  • ✔ Information and consulting support