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Recovery of Accounting

Recovery of Accounting

To ensure the work of any enterprise is 100% capable only of correct accounting. Thanks to him, the organization receives reliable information about the performance of its activities. In addition, it allows you to avoid problems with the tax inspectorate, and in many cases even keep the business. Poor bookkeeping usually leads to:
  • Obtaining fines and penalties;
  • Blocking a current account;
  • Bankruptcy organization.
  • Recovery of accounting:

    what it is and what it is used for Accounting restoration is the partial or complete documentation of all operations of an enterprise for a certain period in the past, including the preparation of primary documents and the submission of clarifying reports. The procedure is required in such cases:

    • Accounting was not conducted at all or there are gaps in it;
    • Lack of documentation due to embezzlement, late registration, software malfunction, etc .;
    • Unfair bookkeeping;
    • Loss of primary documentation;
    • Errors and irregularities in accounting, determined by regulatory authorities;
    • Company accounts are blocked.

    Some reasons to order a service

    Qualified specialists of our company will help you:

    • Tidy up the documents before the tax inspection;
    • Properly plan your expenses;
    • To organize management accounting at the enterprise;
    • Minimize tax risks and reduce the amount of taxation;
    • Set up work with primary documentation.

    Recovery stages

    STILL LIFE specialists carry out restoration according to a well-thought-out scheme:

      1. Analyze the current state of the organization's accounting, identify problems and prescribe effective recommendations for solving them.
      2. Make a work plan, establish the scope, timing and cost of restoration.
      3. Develop an accounting strategy of the enterprise, based on the requirements of current legislation, produce a statement of accounting.
      4. Carry out direct work on the restoration of accounting.
      5. Perform the calculation of taxes, reconciliation with the tax inspectorate about the availability of debt, submit corrected tax returns, prepare explanations and protection of reporting in the STAU.
      6. Provide an electronic database for the recovered period.

    In order not to worry about the reliability and adequacy of bookkeeping, you can transfer it in full or in part to our company.