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Delivery Reporting

Delivery Reporting

Preparation of financial statements is a constant and very voluminous work, the implementation of which, as a rule, is engaged in the full composition of the accounting department of the enterprise. This activity includes the results of processing primary documentation, information warehouse and personnel records. The work on the preparation and delivery of reports should be trusted to professionals with high qualifications and in-depth knowledge of all the nuances of legislation.

What do we offer?

The auditing company STILL LIFE provides services for the preparation and submission of both accounting and tax reports for enterprises of any legal form of ownership, regardless of the taxation systems they use. You can order one-time or long-term maintenance of zero, monthly, quarterly and annual reports from us.

Stages of work

The procedure presented includes:

  • Analysis of primary documents of the enterprise;
  • Statement, maintenance and restoration of accounting;
  • Formation of accounting and statistical reporting, tax returns;
  • The organization of financial statements;
  • Verification of the correctness of the accrual of taxes and wages to employees during the reporting period;
  • Written and oral consultations in the format of subscription service;
  • Providing formed results to the STAU and other regulatory bodies;
  • Speech on behalf of the customer in the courts and tax authorities.

What does the cost depend on?

The price for this service is based on:

  • Type of reporting (for which regulatory authorities is intended);
  • The number of operations performed;
  • Reporting period.

Why it is worth contacting STILL LIFE

On the basis of the primary documentation provided by the customer, our specialists will promptly prepare the required reports. We will also timely hand over the generated materials to the tax inspectorate, social insurance funds, statistical agencies and the pension fund. STILL LIFE guarantees that all documentation will be prepared, checked and handed over taking into account the existing norms of the legislation of Ukraine. All information will remain confidential, so you can not worry about the disclosure of any aspects of your activities.