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One of the foundations of effective business development is the successful bookkeeping. If it is carried out by professionals, then this enables the enterprise:

  • Determine the company's internal financial reserves;
  • Avoid inappropriate use of funds in the organization of economic activity;
  • Ensure compliance with tax laws and control over their changes;
  • Prevent possible conflicts with supervising services;
  • Eliminate any negative consequences for the prosperity of the business.

What is a service?

Accounting service organization consists of:

  • Reflections of the documentation transferred to the audit agency in accounting;
  • Carrying out documents;
  • Tax data checks;
  • Reflection of results in reports;
  • Coordination of the results of taxation with the client;
  • Preparation of financial reports and their delivery.

What are the ways of

Accounting of enterprises by an outsourcing company suggests 3 options:

  • Full customer accounting allows the organization to be freed from the need to create a department of internal accounting and control its functions. Actually with a small document flow.
  • Accounting for an enterprise as an accountant implies the fulfillment of such tasks as preparation and submission of reports, optimization of taxation, management of accounting. Thus, the compilation of primary documentation and accounting remains with the company and can be carried out by its employees - an accountant, manager or secretary.
  • Tax support is carried out through ongoing consultations of the accountant of the company and providing him with all possible assistance. The purpose of such cooperation is to help optimize financial schemes. Among the reasons for ordering accounting services are a little work experience, a significant amount of difficulties in organizing accounting related to the type of activity of a firm, overworking in-line work.

Advantages of accounting by an outsourcing organization

  • The customer receives confidence that his financial operations comply with the legislation of Ukraine.
  • The ability to reduce costs, since it is not required to pay for the maintenance of a person in the state.

STILL LIFE Company provides objectivity, quality and reliability of bookkeeping. Our experts will help free you from paperwork, while successfully withstand the inspection of regulatory authorities.