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Accounting services from STILL LIFE is an opportunity to get a reliable assistant and partner for entrepreneurs. Turning to our employees for help, the client will be able to fully concentrate on the management and development of the business, providing all the concerns about the company's accounting services to professionals, and not worrying about the result.

We cooperate with small and medium-sized enterprises within the framework of national legislation. In accordance with the statutory provisions of STILL LIFE, a professional approach to the activities of our specialists is the key to success and relevance in the segment of the provision of accounting services.

Features of accounting services in Kiev from STILL LIFE

For effective accounting outsourcing, an entrepreneur should strive for the rational use of assets, increase revenues and reduce expenditure items. That is why only experienced experts should maintain the accounting and financial system. In particular, the accountant of STILL LIFE in Kiev considers it a matter of honor to assist both developing enterprises in the process of becoming and organizations with an established working mechanism in routine accounting services.
The client, contacting our company for the provision of services, in the first place, will receive the necessary consulting support. In addition, STILL LIFE employees are ready to perform any task in the shortest possible time:
    1. Service accounting, i.e. direct management of receipt and expenditure transactions, reporting, source documents in accordance with established accounting policies.
    2. Restoration of accounting, i.e. obtaining documentation of past income transactions, the provision of an electronic database during the recovery period.
    3. Submission of monthly, quarterly and annual reports to the tax service.
    4. Suggestions for optimizing the taxation and accounting system in the enterprise and their implementation.

Benefits of working with STILL LIFE accountants

An entrepreneur who has entered into an agreement with our company for the provision of accounting services will receive a lot of advantages.
  • First, we cooperate with all enterprises, regardless of their field of activity.
  • Secondly, the client should not worry about the discrepancy of the documentation prepared by our employees with the innovations of the tax legislation. Official periodicals and current computerized software systems (“League: Law”, “1C”) help us keep track of the slightest changes in the regulatory and regulatory framework. In addition, accountants and auditors of STILL LIFE regularly take advanced training courses in skills and skills, participate in thematic forums and seminars.
  • Thirdly, the client will save funds for keeping the staff member on an ongoing basis.
    The prices of accounting services in Kiev are fully justified in terms of costs, given that STILL LIFE will develop and implement a whole range of measures to improve the financial and tax workflow for the best value for the customer. Our employees guarantee the confidentiality of the data obtained in the process of work, continuous record keeping, timely execution of services without delay, based on their appropriateness. Together with STILL LIFE, an entrepreneur will be able to always be aware of the nuances of current accounting and get rid of paperwork.

Recovery of accounting
Filing reports