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About us


The company provides a range of services for your business: from registering a company to implementing IT systems and maintaining an organization.

Excellence in accounting in our company

The customer receives confidence that his financial operations comply with the legislation of Ukraine. Ability to reduce costs, since it is not required to pay for maintenance of a person in the state. STILL LIFE Company provides objectivity, quality and reliability of bookkeeping. Our experts will help free you from paperwork, while successfully withstand the inspection of regulatory authorities.

The main task of STILL LIFE is to minimize the risks of doing business in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

  • regular practice
  • flexible and reasonable pricing
  • tough professional selection of accountants and auditors and:
  • 7 years of experience and customer recommendations
  • a responsibility
  • Quality Management Accounting Services
  • Accounting support includes setting up and restoration of accounting, preparation and submission of financial statements, accounting. The advantages of ordering this type of service in optimizing tax and accounting, ensuring their continuity, saving on staff wages, and minimizing the risks of fines.
  • Audit - mandatory, proactive, tax - allows you to identify gaps and shortcomings in bookkeeping, as well as receive recommendations for their competent elimination.
  • The legal services of our company are to assist entrepreneurs in registering their business and in providing full legal support for any type of transaction. Using our offers, you get a chance to protect yourself from claims from regulatory authorities, disadvantageous transactions and cooperation with unscrupulous partners.
  • Implementation of IT and technical maintenance of companies is to create optimal conditions for employees, which can increase the speed and quality of work.
  • 1. Our employees are qualified professionals with perfect knowledge of tax, investment and accounting law, as well as impressive work experience.
    2. We provide several solutions to one problem. All our recommendations are developed on the basis of a thorough study of the organization and related documentation.
    3. We strictly comply with the rules of professional ethics and the terms of partnership agreements. We create trusting relationships with customers, so all the information we receive is completely confidential.
    4. Applying an integrated approach to solving issues allows us to analyze all the nuances of the situation, and, therefore, find the right way out.
    5. We always fulfill customer requirements 100%, as we feel responsible for our activities.
    6. We offer an affordable price. Thanks to the maximum study of the client's needs, we form exactly the package of services that is optimal for his situation.
    7. We strictly comply with the terms of the work specified by the contract.