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Tax Audit

Tax Audit

Tax Audit – is an opportunity for an enterprise to thoroughly prepare for audits by tax authorities. He considers important aspects of taxation:

  • Check for errors in tax accounting;
  • The correctness of the tax base;
  • Analyzed the correctness of the preparation and filing of declarations;
  • Determined the timeliness of transfers fees and taxes.

    When needed

This type of audit is initiated by the management of the company and covers a certain period of its work. As a rule, the need for it arises not only before the expected tax audit, but also when:

  • Monitoring the work of the accounting firm;
  • Assessment of probable risks;
  • Identification of deficiencies in the calculation of taxes and fees;
  • Formation and optimization of reporting.

It is also mandatory when planning a new business, as it allows you to calculate future profits and the cost of the enterprise. The goal is to avoid unforeseen expenses.

    3 key components of the process

    1. Preliminary examination of the company's taxation system
    2. Verification and confirmation / refutation of the correctness of calculations, payment of fees and taxes;
    3. Providing the client with the results of auditing activities.

    As carried

    1. An analysis of the tax system of the client company and its components;
    2. Determine the main criteria on which tax payments depend;
    3. Both legal and tax expertise of the features of economic relations is being carried out;
    4. Evaluated enterprise document flow;
    5. Examines the functional responsibilities of the departments responsible for the payment of taxes;
    6. A preliminary calculation of tax indicators;
    7. Checked and verified the absence of errors in the documentation and the implementation of appropriate payments.

    What should report

The results of the audit are:

  • The characteristic format of tax accounting organizations and factors that affect the amount of tax;
  • Information on the identified violations of the law;
  • Calculation of additional charges, overpayment or underpayment of taxes;
  • List of tax returns that require revisions;
  • Tips for optimal elimination of violations and elimination of possible risks.

    Why use the services of STILL LIFE

  • The use of effective methods of conducting audits;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Providing recommendations to improve the internal control of the organization. 

The audit agency STILL LIFE provides services that allow you to avoid conflicts with regulatory authorities. Timely audit allows minimizing losses during tax audits, the likelihood of fines or penalties. This allows you to recoup the costs of its organization and maintain a positive reputation of the customer company.