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An audit of an enterprise is a verification exercise conducted to identify deficiencies in the conduct of accounting, tax, personnel and other types of reporting. STILL LIFE, having proven itself over the past few years, has successfully helped clients find the strengths and weaknesses of their enterprises in Kiev. Among our employees are experienced and promising specialists in the field of auditing and accounting.

What kind of audit is carried out by still-life?

STILL LIFE performs inspections of maintenance, record keeping, financial statements and assets of an enterprise in two main directions: on a mandatory and initiative basis. In the first case, clients should use the services of professional auditors to confirm the authenticity and completeness of the financial statements of the annual consolidated statements of the company required by Ukrainian legislation.

In the second, an audit is carried out after the initiation by an interested person, who most often is the business owner himself. A variety of initiative audit is tax - the most demanded service in this area. If you want to understand the true state of financial affairs within your organization, and at the same time prevent the disclosure of the results of the audit, the output will be the order of the service “Initiative” or “Tax” audit from STILL LIFE.

What gives an entrepreneur an “initiative” and “obligatory” audit?

Most often, clients resort to the professional assistance of our audit specialists in the presence of the following conditions:

      1. The content of the constituent documents confirms the need for periodic audits.
      2. Change of business owner, the acquisition of the company.
      3. The need to attract additional investment.
      4. Introduction of new accounting policies, programs, projects.
    5. Change of persons responsible for the accounting services of the enterprise.
Upon completion of the audit audit procedure, STILL LIFE employees will prepare a report in which attention will be focused on the list of issues found in the area of business accounting or tax accounting. Also, our experts will acquaint the initiators of the audit with solutions and recommendations on how to eliminate all shortcomings that will help to significantly optimize the activities of the enterprise.

If there is a need for a compulsory audit, which will not only convince the state of the accuracy of financial reports, but also strengthen the confidence of partners of the company, investors and lenders, contact the services of STILL LIFE. With maximum preparedness for the audit, it is worth noting the high reputation of the company and competent regulation of accounting, which undoubtedly is a merit of a responsible, valuing corporate image of the entrepreneur.

In accordance with the law, only companies that have passed the procedure for registering and entering into the Register of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine are entitled to carry out an obligatory audit. STILL LIFE is one of the highly qualified audit teams that have been checking domestic organizations for 7 years.

Audit is a way to take a step towards modernizing and putting in order the enterprise’s accounting system. Timely “work on mistakes” will allow the entrepreneur to regain trust in the eyes of creditors, investors and subordinate employees. An audit in Kiev with STILL LIFE is a qualitative analysis of the financial and accounting activities of an enterprise at an acceptable cost and in a short time.
Tax audit
Mandatory Audit
Initiative Audit
Special Audit